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1st Pennsylvania Artillery


Welcome to Cooper's Battery B First Pennsylvania Artillery's website! We are a reenacting group that acts out battles fought in the Civil War. We are an actual unit that fought in the Civil War that uses light artillery. We are based in central Pennsylvania.

We are a family oriented unit that has activities for men, women, and children. We attend parades, reenactments, living history, and battles such as the Battles of Gettysburg, Antietam, and Appomattox.

Our members are from all over Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our Captain and Treasurer Dennis Dewalt from Shamokin, Greg Kline as the President, and Scott Debo is VP and Second Lt.

We are trying to reach out to new members so if interested please click in the link entitled "Contacts". For current members we hope that you will enjoy this website and for potential members we sincerely hope you'll join us!

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