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1st Pennsylvania Artillery


This picture was taken (Memorial Day 2012) of Battery members at the Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg in front of the memorial to Elizabeth Thorn, who buried several Union soldiers personally after the battle, despite being 6 months pregnant at the time.

Two of the soldiers she buried were Battery B men Alexander Alcorn, who was mortally wounded on July 1st, and James McCleary, who was mortally wounded July 2nd by a Confederate Artillery round about 300 yards NE of where this picture was taken, near Battery B's monument, which can be seen in the distance between the two corporals' shoulders. A third man, Peter Hoagland, was also killed by the same round that got McCleary, and was eventually buried after two previous grave sites in the PA section of the National Cemetery.

The two "civilians" are Jennifer Hatton, great,great, great, granddaughter of Ms. Thorn and her son, John Hatton. We met them while we were placing flowers on the graves of Alcorn and McCleary. What luck and what an honor to meet descendents of this remarkable women.

Pictured from left to right are: Corp. Bowman, Corp. Kline, Pvt. Showalter, Jennifer Hatton, John Hatton, Capt. Dewalt, and 1st Sgt. Debo.

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